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Well for some time now, businesses globally have been investing billions of dollars each year on digital marketing, and more recently defying broader declines in traditional marketing expenditure around the world. According to a report released by Forrester Research in the USA, in the upcoming year of 2011 it is forecasted that 48% of total retail sales in the USA will be Web-Influenced (as a result of digital advertising) and that amounts to a mammoth gross earnings of over 1115 billion dollars.  email database
So why is this important you ask? Well consider how these sales in the USA and abroad are being generated, according to netmarketshare as of December 2010 Google held a staggering 84.65% grip hold on the global search market.
But guess what, you have and will always be at the mercy and control of Google and it's leniency as long as search engines remain the priority way to navigate the world wide web. It's fair to say that 84.65% of all search marketing expenditure belongs at the mercy of Google.
You have invested in SEO, Pay-Per Click, Digital Strategies and so forth. All in the hope that Google allows you to continue to exist on its platform and helps you see a return on your investment. There are some amazing horror stories of small internet marketers, companies and even large corporations whose entire businesses have been held to ransom by Google and there code of ethics.
The reality is, if you operate your online business in an ethical way and apply a holistic approach to your digital marketing you have nothing more to be concerned about, than what already exists. An infinite amount of global business funds has for many years been at the mercy of online giants such a Google and Facebook.

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So we discussed earlier in this article about the fact that the social media buzz was not news, and you're all well aware of it. It may well be the case that you just don't realise how massive it really is until we stack up the statistics to prove it.

Did you know that Facebook proudly claims to have over 500 million members on board (at the time they last updated their statistics page), they are growing at a rate of over 700,000 members per/day at times. We know the younger generation are on there and that is great news for marketing to future consumers. But even more exciting is the recently released figures which are current as of January 4th 2010 which suggest that the fastest growing demographic of people joining face book right now are those people aged between 35 -55 with an increase of over 625% making the membership tallies go from 7.94 million to over 39.6 million in a single year.
These people are business owners, money earning consumers that are looking for your business offerings now. Combine that with the ability of marketing on one platform which is speaking to current consumers and also the youngsters who will be buying tomorrow.
Now let's look at the growth rate statistics for businesses using Facebook as a means of communicating with their customers. If you are a business owner and not quite convinced yet, then this should remove any shadow of a doubt. A report summary released by emarketer highlights the percentage of businesses in the USA using face book as a means to engage their customers.
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