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Aug 2017
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Posted: 02-01-2018, 12:49 AM
Here at MafiaShared Forums, we require high quality posts.
If you're just here to unlock content and download something, you're at the wrong place.

What we consider spam and/or low quality:

Short messages like "cool", "thanks", "lol" etc.
General thank-you post. We have a like button for a reason.
Posts without the use of proper grammar and/or punctuation and commas.
Undescriptive thread titles like "Please help".
Off-topic posts or anything that has nothing to do with the thread.

Threads which will get you banned:

What's your favourite X? (Example: What's your favourite food?)
X vs X? (Example: Playstation or Xbox?)
Will X die?/Is X dying?
Any thread about the unlock requirements.
Any thread about the unlock limits.
Any thread that is low quality, as described above.

How can I unlock and download something without getting banned for leeching?
Involve yourself in the community and contribute something useful.
Post a tutorial or guide, share a great story you experienced or just provide leaks.

What if I don't want to contribute?
Don't even bother staying here. You'll just get banned. We have a zero tolerance policy against leechers.